Ingredient Resources

Market and Technical Knowledge

Business Development and Consulting


Ingredient Resources offers impartial advice to clients and assists in their business development process. We deliver hands on, insightful information and guidance that will directly impact on your business , making a real and valuable contribution.


Ingredient Resources is particularly adept at increasing business opportunities through analysis of your product and market opportunities.


The food ingredients industry and food applications can be rather complex. Support from Ingredient Resources can unravel this complexity and assist clients in planning and focusing on the business opportunity.

  • What sectors of the ingredients business should we be involved with?
  • How do I qualify and quantify the opportunity?
  • Nutritional, functional, new and novel ingredients; where are the best opportunities?
  • How do I add value to my existing portfolio?
  • Where can I get advice on customised blends and premixes?
  • What other ingredients should I be selling to my existing customers?
  • I have some new opportunities, but I need to understand the IP issues and the regulatory landscape.

Ingredient Resources can help with all these challenges and more.